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Cauliflower Burns Belly Fat!


Saying that cauliflower should be on table for at least 3 days of a week, Dr. Ayça Kaya listed the benefits of it. Your body decreases metabolic rate and tends to store fat during the winter days, in which days are shorter and weather is colder, in order to preserve its protection capability and heat. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya, suggests everyone who are prone to gaining weight to pay attention to their life and nutrition styles. In order to overcome such changes in our body during the winter days, we should give more space to cauliflower that most of us know about but don’t prefer to use because of its smell or its flatulent effect.

Give some space to cauliflower on your table at least 3 days of a week especially during the winter days, to get rid of belly fat.


1- As it is a great source of fiber, it takes space in your stomach and provides the feeling of fullness faster. Especially, if you prefer cauliflower salad or roasted cauliflower or boiled cauliflower when you begin your meal, you eat less from the main calorie source of your meal.

2- Cauliflower is so rich in Vitamin C and folic acid, which are great fat burners. It provides higher metabolic rate on the basis of a cell.

3- Cauliflower contains phosphate, potassium and indole-3 substances. Because of this substances, it offers protection against breast, gastric and colon cancers.

4- As it is rich in iron mineral, it can make you feel symptoms like tiredness and weakness due to anemia. In this regard, it decreases your appetite.

5- Its high sulphur and potassium content provides balance in blood tension. It ensures that high tension attacks seen in overweight people are less frequent. It protects your body against coroner diseases. It offers more active lifestyle.


6- Because of its high calcium content, it slightly increases metabolic rate. In the meantime, it has positive effects on bone and teeth health.

7- As its anti-oxidant capacity is high, it helps your cells get clean. It contributes to your immune system.


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