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Crispy Panko Chicken Goujons Recipe


Low fat
Low sat fat
High protein

per goujon 71 cals  2g fat (0.5g sat) 5.5g carbs


Prep time 25 mins
Cooking time 20-30 mins
Serves 4

»  4 large chicken breasts
»  2tbsp tamari soy sauce
»  2tsp clear honey
»  spray oil
»  50–70g cornflour
»  2 medium eggs
»  75g panko crumbs
»  salad and mashed potatoes, to serve

1 On a chopping board, sandwich the chicken between clingfilm and bash with a rolling pin until 2cm thick.

2 Cut the chicken into thickish strips (5 or 6 strips per breast). In a non-metallic dish, mix the chicken with 1tbsp of the soy sauce and the honey, cover and marinate for up to  1hr in the fridge. Heat the oven to 190C, gas 5. Line a baking tray with baking parchment and spray it with oil.

3 Sprinkle half the cornflour onto  a plate. In a bowl, beat the eggs  with some black pepper and the remaining soy sauce. Place the panko crumbs in a bowl.


4 Dip the chicken into the cornflour, then the egg and crumbs. Place on the tray, spray all over with oil. Bake for 20–30 mins, turning once and spraying again if dry.


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