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Turkish Ashura Recipe


Services: 12-14
Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 40 mins

½ kg wheat
1 cup of butter bean (canned)
1 cup of garbanzo/chickpea
1 Kg sugar
½ cup of dried fig
1 cup of dried apricot
1 cup of raisin
½ cup of mulberry
½  cup of currant
½ cup of milk
2 packets of vanilin extract (20gr)
1 stick cinnamon
1 clove
1 grated orange peel
3 lt water
1 wispy salt
1 dessertspoon rose-water (discretionary)


Top ornaments:
Coconut powder
Roasted sesame

Put water and wheat (steeped the night before) in a stewpot and set to fire. Put the stewed wheat in to a larger stewpot, add  butter bain, garbanzo and salt, keep mixing and stew for 1 hour. Add more boiled water when the mixture goes thicken while stewing. The thickness is completely depends on your wish. If you like thicker, add less water while stewing, if you like soupier add more water. Add all other ingredients except grated orange peel, clove and dried fig to the mixture and stew for a 15 minutes more, add sugar and. The mixture should be mixed up while stewing in order to prevent the  from scorching.
Dose the sugar degree as you wish, add sliced dried figs, grated orange peel and clove, mix up and turn the heater off. When the ashura tepefied, pour in the cups and ornament as you wish. Bon apttetit.


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