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Weight Loss Curation with Mineral Water and Lemon


Summertime has come. Now, it is possible to burn belly fat with this curation of which ingredients (mineral water, lemon and ayran) can easily be found. Well, how can we burn calories in short time? Here is the ayran with mineral water recipe.

With this treatment that you should apply regularly for two weeks, you can get rid of your belly fat.


Belly Fat Burning Mixture Ingredients:

* 3 table spoons of semi-skimmed yoghurt
* 1 bottle of mineral water
* 1/2 lemon juice

Preparation of the mixture:

Add lemon juice to 3 table spoons of yoghurt. Mix well, then while you are mixing, add mineral water slowly. If you add everything together, it may foam and brim over.

Application: This curation can be consumed half an hour ago before breakfast and going to bed. If you perform a diet routine together with the curation, you can get better results. If you apply it regularly, belly fat is burnt effectively and it helps you lose weight. At the same time, this technique is good for intestines. Enjoy, may it be easy.

We are waiting for your comments and thoughts. In this way, we can understand whether mineral water & ayran & lemon can make us lose weight or not.




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