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4 Ways To Remove Ear Wax Naturally


Ear wax, apart from being an unwanted object, acts as a cleansing agent. Our body has its own mechanisms to remove excess wax. Our jaw actions, chewing and talking, are all designed naturally to massage the ear wax out of the ear canal. According to some experts, it is not wise to remove ear wax. Body produces ear wax to trap contaminants and outside dirt so that they do not reach the inner ear and interfere with its mechanisms. Some may find it unappealing, but the safety is not to remove it always.


However, our body’s natural mechanism to remove the wax is not perfect; hence build up of wax may occur.  Excess build up of ear wax may lead to earache, hearing obstruction, ear sensation, ringing in ear (tinnitus) and even dizziness. Before going for an ear wax removal, it’s better to ask a doctor whether or not it is absolutely necessary. Let’s see how to remove ear wax naturally:

How To Remove Ear Wax Naturally

Olive Oil

Slightly warm olive oil and put few drops in your ear. Lie on your opposite side to keep the oil in the affected ear. Stay in your position for at least 15 minutes. Practice this remedy thrice a day, continuously for 2 to 3 days.

Lean your head on one side to allow the oil to run out naturally.  Soak a cloth in water and wipe off any excess wax deposit. You can also use baby oil or mineral oil.

Tree Tea Oil

Tree tea oil has added benefits other than simply breaking up the wax. It kills off any harmful fungus or bacteria if present in the ear. Put several drops in your ear and let it sit for few minutes. Fill up a rubber bulb syringe with water and squirt in your ear. The water will wash out the ear wax loosened by the tea tree oil. Wipe off with a cotton ball. Dry up your ears properly to remove the ear wax completely. Tea tree oil can also be replaced with hydrogen peroxide.




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