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4 Ways To Remove Ear Wax Naturally


Fish Oil Capsules

Take one fish oil capsule every day. Apart from its health benefits, fish oil brings down the level of ear wax to a normal stage.

Ear Drops

Use only anti-inflammatory and antibiotic ear drops to remove ear wax. Tilt your head to keep the affected ear at the top. Pull the outer ear upwards and backwards. Then pour the suggested amount of drop into the ear. Now message the skin that marks the entry to the ear canal. Wipe off any excess drops.


Using a cotton wool for this purpose is not recommended as it may absorb the drop making the whole purpose less effective. Do not just pick up any wax removal drop from the market as it may cause severe irritation in your ear. Use a drop recommended by a doctor.


Using a cotton swab for cleaning is all the more harmful as it may lead to puncture of the ear drum. Do not go for an ear wax removal if you had an ear surgery previously, punctured ear drum, recent ear infection or pain, or previous ear irrigations.




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