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6 Ways to Stop Weekend Weight Gain


sleepCome Friday, do you loosen up a little too much? Many of us put on pounds during the weekend, data shows. Here’s how to detox your days off for a healthier recharge.

Weekend weight gain

Fri-yay hits, and that means you finally have time for dinner out, a Netflix binge, happy hour with pals. The problem? Well, to state the obvious, we eat more and move less. If your pants feel snug on Monday morning, it’s not just your imagination. Most people have a weight cycle that involves losing a bit on weekdays only to gain it back over the weekend, according to recent research out of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. A separate study found that adults ages 19 to 50 consume an extra 115 calories on each weekend day, as well as more fat and alcohol, compared with Monday through Thursday. Now for the reassuring news: All it takes to stay on track through Sunday is a little advance planning. Use our guide to figure out the day-off traps you’re falling into (hitting snooze on that Saturday alarm, going overboard on celebratory drinks). Then take the pros’ advice so you stay on track and start every week strong.




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