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8 Home Remedies For Abscessed Tooth


Tooth abscess is the buildup of puss around or in the root of the tooth. An abscessed tooth is quite painful and can also cause the loosening of the affected tooth. Draining out the gum boil and easing the pain should be the first aid.


Abscess is a pouch of pus that builds around an inflamed tissue. It can form in any other part of human body. Some individuals have abscessed tooth but are not aware of because the pocket is tiny. It takes time to grow and become extremely painful.

Causes of abscessed tooth

Tooth damage may cause from trauma occurred long years back or due to sudden and sharp blow or due to a fall. Tooth damage may also occur at childhood and the symptoms may show later in life.  Braces or aggressive ‘orthodontic treatments’ may stress the tooth. Tooth fillings may damage the nerve of a tooth.

Old fillings or leaking sometimes allow the bacteria to damage the nerve fibers and delicate pulp of a living tooth. Poor fitted crowns and/or an allergy to low priced crown metals like rhodium and nickel.

Other causes are improper dental hygiene. People who fail to take appropriate dental care or do not often visit dentist suffer from tooth abscess. Poor oral hygiene leads to the growth of cavities in teeth and if these cavities are not attended in time, it leads to severe complications called tooth abscess. The infection may slowly spread to face, mouth, jaw and throat.




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