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8 Home Remedies For Abscessed Tooth

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People suffering from abscessed tooth feels a throbbing pain and excessive pain on chewing, biting and even touching. Gums tend to become red, tender and swells. Sometimes the affected tooth becomes loosen. There is a feeling of bitter taste all over the mouth and often there is release of pus in the mouth. Neck glands also tend to swell. Individuals also experience breathe odor. Uneasiness, illness or general discomfort is also there.

One of the very serious symptoms is the area of the lower or upper jaw becomes swollen. Face may also become swollen if the infection spread to the surrounding tissues and fever may arise. Tooth abscess can cause serious problems in other body parts such as inflammation in the joints and also in the heart. Sometimes it is also accompanied by acne outbreaks.


However the good news is that you do not have to worry as there are plenty of home remedies to treat tooth abscess very effectively right from the comfort of your home and with simple and natural ingredients. These remedies can aid to burst out the tooth abscess, clean and even disinfect the surrounding areas.

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