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Amelia’s Eating Plan – This Woman Can Help You Lose a Stone!

Amelia freer, nutritional therapist to the stars, has created a diet that will help you shake off a stone in six weeks..

When a newly slimline Boy George credited nutritional therapist Amelia Freer with helping him shift over two stone, Twitter exploded. He was followed by James Corden and singer Sam Smith, who both raved about the fat-busting powers of Amelia’s super-healthy eating plan. Totally fad-free. Amelia’s plan will get you detoxing your body by loading up on vegetables and protein, with some fruit, but no sugar or gluten.

How it works

One of this plan’s essential rules is that you stop snacking. The reason? It encourages your body to hold onto fat. ‘Humans don’t need to snack.’ says Amelia.


Constant eating will constantly stimulate the production of insulin, an inflammatory hormone. The permanent presence of insulin will put our bodies into fat storage mode. The worst offenders are refined carbs and sugary snacks, but even healthy snacks mean our bodies are constantly working.’

Amelia’s Eating Plan 1

The kickstart

Rev up your metabolism by starting with a two-day cleanse, eating only vegetables and soup. For the next two weeks, eat only vegetables and protein (120g of protein and 125g veg for lunch. lOg extra of each at dinner) and small amounts of fruit. For example, you could have scrambled eggs with wilted spinach for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and grilled fish or meat with steamed veg for dinner. After that, you can move into the healthy eating plan, introducing some healthy fats into your diet and having one meal a week where you eat whatever you want.

Amelia’s Eating Plan

The Rules

– EAT THREE MEALS A DAY with five hours in between



– HAVE BLACK TEA AND COFFEE if you want, but only with meals


– AVOID GLUTEN (in flour-based foods like bread and pasta). Try buckwheat bread and vegetable pasta made with a spiraliser.

– PREPARE ALL YOUR MEALS FROM SCRATCH and base each meal around vegetables and protein

– EAT SLOWLY Chew thoroughly and put your cutlery down between each mouthful


You should avoid alcohol, but if you really must have some, make it a glass of good red wine, or vodka.

Amelia’s Eating Plan

Amelia’s Eating Plan breakfast


Eat protein with veg. You could try:

– Smoothie made with a protein (like seeds), one portion of fruit, some green veg and nut milk.

– Buckwheat toast with a poached egg.


BOILED EGG WITH PARSNIP FRITTERS Mix one grated parsnip with 2tbsp coconut flour, a beaten egg, a pinch of cumin and some salt and pepper, shape into six fritters and fry in coconut oil.

PEAR AND PRUNE BREAKFAST BOWL Put 6 dried prunes and 250ml filtered water in a bowl, and in another bowl soak 90g fresh walnuts in water. Leave both overnight, then drain. The next day, drain the prunes, reserving the liquid, and soak ltsp chia seeds in this for 20 minutes, then put the prunes, chia seeds, walnuts and a pinch of cinnamon into a blender until smooth. Serve with chopped apple.

Amelia’s Eating Plan lunch


– Omelette made with sauteed chopped onions and peppers, fried in coconut oil and topped with sliced avocado and chopped fresh chilli.

– Salad made with leaves, three or four coloured veg or fruit, some protein (such as goats’ cheese or prawns) and olive oil. » Soup made with a stock, some basic flavours (like garlic or onion), some vegetables, a protein (such as beans) and some herbs.

– Sandwich made with houmous, crunchy veg and buckwheat bread.

Amelia’s Eating Plan dinner


– Courgetti Bolognese – made with spiralised courgette, topped with Bolognese sauce made with organic low-fat mince, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, drizzled with olive oil.

– Chicken breast cut into strips and marinated with chillies, garlic, lemon juice and zest, fried gently in coconut oil, served with sweet potato shredded into thin sticks and fried in coconut oil, plus a green salad.

– Baked salmon fillet served with a mixture of crunchy veg, stir-fried in coconut oil.


STEAMED MONKFISH WITH BROCCOLI AND GINGER MASH Blanch 2 heads of broccoli for 3 minutes and cool under cold running water. Then fry 5cm of finely sliced ginger in coconut oil, and blend this with the broccoli, a handful of basil and 1 chopped chilli. Steam the monkfish and serve with the mash and some grilled cherry tomatoes.


– PROTEIN ‘Allocate one shelf of your fridge to be dedicated to protein, such as meat, fish or chicken, because each of your meals should contain it.’ says Amelia. Also stock up on non-meat protein, such as cooked pulses, nuts and seeds.

– SALAD AND VEGETABKLES ‘Every single one of your meals should contain vegetables,’ says Amelia. ‘Buy anything you fancy and swap it around week by week for a good mix. Choose a range of different coloured veg for a spread of nutrients.’

– DAIRY ALTERNATIVES Coconut milk, nut milk and coconut yogurt and feta or goats’ cheese.

– HERBS AND SPICES Have a good range, plus black pepper, sea salt, chilli and garlic. These are all great for adding flavour to healthy dishes.

– OLIVE OIL, GHEE, BUTTER AND COCONUT OIL ‘Olive oil is great for drizzling over salads, but it can’t be heated so cook with coconut oil. butter, ghee or avocado oil instead,’ says Amelia.

– COCONUT RICE OR GRAM FLOUR’Gluten-free flours are great for baking or thickening sauces,’ says Amelia.



  1. Yeah, i’ve been following her on twitter too and follows her 3 week’s veggie diet plan, although it doesn’t work fast on shedding the fat around my belly. What worked for me was a diet plan from Weasley Virgin.

    Been testing it for a few weeks and i’ve got amazing results. The article was very helpful too. If anyone interested, you can check it out on: http://mariawilson.homenet.org/


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