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Benefits Of Quinoa


2013 was declared as International Year of Quinoa by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Quinoa is a kind of grain that is rich in amino acids, widely consumed in United States and Europe. Although it is considered a grain; it is obtained by plant called as quinoa. This grain becomes more and more popular due to its high nutritional values. It can be cooked like rice or barley. Also, the cooking time quinoa is shorter than rice, so it can be cooked quickly and more practical.

Benefits of Quinoa

Whole protein content: Quinoa seeds contain whole protein. That contains all amino acids required by the body. Plants contain complete proteins are quite rare and quinoa is one of them. This grain is very healthy source of protein.


Gluten Free: Quinoa does not contain gluten. Therefore, celiac patients and people who have gluten free diet can consume this grain as alternative of other grains.

Rich in Iron: Quinoa is rich in iron so it can be useful to add diet of people have iron deficiency. As you know iron has important role to carry oxygen to body cells.

Dietary fiber content: Quinoa includes about 2 times more dietary fiber than other grains. People with constipation problem can consume quinoa to relief symptoms. Because dietary fiber helps digestion. Dietary fiber also helps control blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

Riboflavin: With high riboflavin content quinoa supports the energy metabolism of brain and muscles; so helps energy metabolism of body and good for fatigue.

Magnesium: Magnesium mineral is found in quinoa. Magnesium mineral has the effect of relaxing the veins; and with this feature it is recommended for migraine patients to relief pain. This mineral also provides blood sugar control for type 2 diabetes patients.


Fat content: Kino’s fat content is low. Despite the high nutritive value low fat content makes it very good for diets. Superoxide dismutase enzyme: It contains superoxide dismutase enzyme that delay aging and protect skin.

Antioxidant: The lignin content is protective against many types of cancer. Quercetin is an antioxidant and also provides support against spring allergies.

Free of cholesterol: We have mentioned many high and good nutritional value of quinoa above. With all this good values; quinoa also does not include cholesterol.

Calcium content: Quinoa is rich in calcium that strengths teeth and bones.



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