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Breakfast Foods and Drinks That Make You Feel Full for a Long Time


Dietitian Serkan Tutar provided information about the foods and drinks that make us feel full for a long time.

Tutar’s list is as follows;



Coffee: Its caffeine content will energize you. If you are one of the people who prefer morning exercises, drinking coffee 45 minutes before exercising will make you sweat faster. This situation means more fat burning. If you exercise after drinking a cup of coffee, you burn 15% more fat. Therefore, if you don’t have any blood pressure related health problem, you should better prefer coffee in the mornings.

How to Use Banana Peel

Banana: Being able to make you feel full and being a great fruit to consume, banana is an alternative fruit of breakfast. With its high calcium content, it supports your heart health and if you have any problem about your intestines, it supports your intestines as well. Additionally, banana is one of the most important fruits that strengthens immune system.



Egg: The star and the essential part of breakfasts. It is an essential source of protein. If you want to have a fit body or if you don’t want to gain weight, then you must add egg to your daily nourishment.

By consuming omelet, boiled egg or spicy Turkish omelet, you will realize that you feel full for a longer time during the day. Additionally, if you exercise regularly, you can consume more egg yolk after consulting your physician.

Bilberry and Cherry

Bilberry: As it regulates intestine metabolism, bilberry is recommended in breakfasts. Moreover, bilberry is beneficial for people who experience stomach cramps and ulcer.

Besides its antioxidant effects, bilberry also protects body against infections. Therefore, it is one of the most important protectors of our immune systems.


Strawberry: Being rich in vitamin B and C, strawberry’s effects to prevent vascular occlusion and decrease cholesterol are already known. Besides, it is also rich in iron and phosphor. If you want to spend the day in a heartier and healthier way, you can consume 8-10 strawberries in the morning. With its antioxidant effects, strawberry will offer you a more energetic day.

Moringa Tea

Tea: Tea that is consumed in the early times of a day has stimulating effect and it makes your day more energetic. However, drinking excessive amount of tea will decrease your blood values and this may result in tiredness. Therefore, you may consume it as weak as possible and with lemon.

Benefits of Almond Milk

Milk: If you consume protein rich nutrients more, they make you not only feel full for a longer time but also lose weight. Therefore, you should add milk in your nourishment plan in the mornings. Drinking a glass of milk in the morning will make you eat less in the next meal. Additionally, milk is important for bone and teeth health due to its rich calcium content. Therefore, your kid being in the first place, you should not be negligent about drinking milk as well.


Toast with Whole-wheat Bread: If you don’t have enough time for breakfast, the most practical way is toast with whole-wheat bread. You will have carbohydrate from bread and you will burn carbohydrate in order to provide energy for your body and you will have protein, which is a requirement for you to lose weight, from cheese.

Besides being a good alternative, toast with whole-wheat bread may not be a good choice for people whose blood sugar level is low; because whole wheat bread decreases blood sugar level.



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