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Best 7 Butt Moves to Get Rid of Cellulite


Squat Move

The famous squat move is one of the best moves that works the butt muscles. The reason why this exercise is powerful; you are using your whole body weight to work your butt muscles.

Stand up and open your feet with your shoulder width. Bend your knees and squat down as you will almost sit on an invisible chair and then stand up by squeezing your butt. Repeat this move for 30 times and repeat it by squeezing your butt in each stand up slowly and deliberately. After you repeat this move for 30 times put your feet together and do the same exercise in this way. And then end this move too and open your feet more than your shoulder width and do the same exercise for 30 times in this way.


Back Kick

Stand on your hands and knees and be sure that your hands are in your shoulder width and your knees are in your hips width. Then put your weight on your right and and right knee. Bend your left knee and pull it to backwards and open your leg towards the ceiling. Then bend your knee again and this time pull it towards your chest and then kick back again.

Repeat this exercise for 30 times in each of your legs.

Goblet Squat

You can make the exercise more useful by having dumbbell in your hands in this squatting move. Hold a dumbbell with both of your hands and lift it up towards your chest and do the squat move in this way.

Hill Climbing

This exercise will allow your thighs and legs to be tightened nicely.
Moreover, you can do this exercise whether you are in gym or outdoors by finding a slope. Once you warm up your body (with 5 minutes of walking) you can start running and after you run for 30-60 seconds you can start walking again. You can get good results by increasing your speed a little bit more each time and by repeating this cycle for 6-12 times.

Attack Move

First stand straight then put your leg about 3 steps ahead and bend your other leg until it gets a parallel position with the ground. Then turn to your first position slowly and repeat the same move for your other leg. Repeat this for 20-30 times in both of your legs. You can do this move more effectively by getting dumbbells in both of your hands.


One Leg in the Air Plank

This is a successful exercise that works too much muscles. You need to get lying face down position in plank and then move yourself up with your elbows and get support from your toes. And then lift your right leg as much as you can and keep your leg in this way about 10-20 seconds and then change your leg.

This exercise will allow your shoulder, abdominal, lower back and butt muscles work.

Butt Lifting Move

It will be useful to leave this move for last because it stretches your muscles as well as you let them work.

Lie on your back and put your feet on a chair or sofa. Move your butt closer to the chair and be sure that your knees are higher than your head. Keep your shoulders down and move your butt up by not moving your feet and squeeze your butt as much as you can. Then stop squeezing your but and lie down.

If you will do this exercise everyday, you will see that how your butt will be tighten in a short period of time. If you will do these exercises with a healthy diet you will get rid of the cellulite more quickly.

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