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Do You Need Motivation for Exercise?


Davina McCall reveals her tips for starting, and sticking at, a workout regime. Sorted!With 15 fitness DVDs under her belt – including her latest one, 30 Day Fat Burn – TV presenter Davina McCall is the ultimate role model for fitness, health and vitality. At 49, her toned figure and rockhard abs say all that needs to be said about her passion for working out. Here, she reveals her top tips to help keep you on track this year – and for life!

‘Being fit is amazing for your sex life’


Starting a Fitness Kick?

Davina’s three-point plan:

1 ‘The first thing I’d recommend is find a fitness buddy. Motivating yourself is really difficult but if you work out with a friend you’ll encourage each other. Try meeting after the school run or get her to bring her baby over to your house and work out together. There’s always an element of competitive spirit that comes with being with a friend that means you push yourself that little bit further.’

2 ‘Don’t faff around without a plan. If you work out at home you’ll always find a reason to stop exercising early: ‘Oh, the phone rang’ type of excuse. But if you’re exercising to a DVD and you’re in the middle of a workout, you’re much more likely to carry on – it’s much more inspiring and it pushes you harder. I always work out to my DVDs, I never just muck about with the odd weight here or the odd lunge there.’

3 ‘Sign up for something. It’s so motivational. On this time next Year, we had so many people gain so much self-esteem from signing up for a challenge. One woman did a 100k walk as part of her fitness and weight-loss journey. She felt so good about herself at the end of it and the confidence just shone out of her. The idea is that you have a goal, you have to get fit for it and if you’re doing it for charity you can do some good while you’re getting fitter. It’s win-win in
every way.

Trouble Sticking To It?

Davina says: ‘Be realistic. My husband Matthew trains every single day, but for me that’s not doable. But I do have to train at least three times a week, otherwise I feel it’s not worth it. Put times for exercise into your diary and commit to them. It’s a date for yourself – and let’s not forget that being fit, and feeling fit, is amazing for your sex life, so your partner is definitely going to benefit from this!’


Too Stressed And Busy To Exercise?

Davina says: ‘I can completely relate to that, but nowadays I’m giving you no excuses. My workouts on 30 Day Fat Burn are 10 minutes long, so you can get up half an hour earlier and do a 10-, even 20-minute workout and still have a shower! Or go to your office and grab a few friends to do one or two workouts in your lunch hour. There’s no excuse.’

Plateauing On Your Weight Loss?

Davina says: ‘It’s very common for people to start a regime, lose a phenomenal amount of weight in the first couple of months and then plateau. That’s when you’re most likely to give up, because you’re working out really hard but not losing anything. Remember that it’s absolutely normal to plateau for a bit. Just keep going. Long-lasting effects come from long-lasting intervention. It’s not just about getting fit for the new year, it’s a lifelong plan. However, if you are working out three times a week, and putting some oomph into it – I’m not talking going on the stepper and reading a magazine – and you’re still not losing weight, you need to look at portion control and exactly what you’re eating. Weight loss is probably 80% food-related and 20% exercise-related.’

Struggling To Stay Motivated in The Cold Winter Months?

Davina says: ‘Whatever the weather, focus on the end of the workout and how you’ll feel afterwards. I feel amazing at the end of a workout. I’ve never regretted one – ever!’

Struggling To Exercise Because Of An Injury?

Davina says: ‘Firstly, I’m not a doctor and everybody’s injury is different. But I’d definitely recommend booking yourself just one session with a personal trainer, who’ll be able to look at your specific problem and tailor exercises to suit it, adapting the technique if necessary. After my Sport Relief Challenge in 2014 I’d damaged my knee and my PT Ed Lumsden completely changed the way I did my squats so I was taking the pressure off that knee.’

Davina’s favourite fat-burn move

This routine is amazing! it works your arms, core and shoulders and really gets your heart rate up!’

1 With alternating arms, jab forwards and diagonally across (as if you’re boxing). Perform six alternating punches.

2 Get down on the floor in a press-up position, arms shoulder-width apart.

3 With alternating legs, twist one leg in and across your body, bending the knee as you do so. do one twist each side.

4 Jump back up to your starting position. Repeat routine for one minute, then 30 seconds rest. Start with three sets and build up to five.



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