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Exercises That Are Good For Neck And Shoulder Pains


By spending a few minutes for these exercises, you can relieve neck and shoulder pains.



You can do these exercises that are good for neck and shoulder pains as you are sitting or standing. With your left hand, pull your head from the right side and create some tension. 30 seconds later, repeat this exercise with your right hand pulling your head from left side.


Sit up straight. Place your two palms on the back of your head. Push your head gently towards the front with your hands. When your cheek touches your chest, wait for 30 seconds, then raise your head slowly and free your hands.


Place your knees on the ground and touch to the ground with your head. Breathe for a few seconds. Fold your hands at the back and raise your arms as much as you can. Push your palms towards each other so that the tension on your shoulders increases. Breathe deep. Wait for 10 seconds, then slowly lower your hips. Repeat for 5 or more times.



Keep a distance between your feet just like you can see in the image and grasp your left ankle from the back with your right hand. By using your right hand, stretch your shoulders. You can increase the tension on your neck muscles by leaning your head towards your right shoulder and waiting for 30 seconds. Then, repeat the steps for other side.


Lay down with your knees bended and your feet and your palms are on the ground. Raise your hips slowly, just like you can see in the image. Fold your hands under your hips. Stay at this position for 30 seconds and then, again slowly, lower your hips.


Sit down like you can see in the image and lean back. Stretch your chest as much as you can. To increase the tension, lean your head back and wait for 30 seconds. Then, raise your hands slowly.



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