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Five Substantial Rules To Stay In Shape


You have got rid of your extra kilos! So, how do you stay in shape? Staying in shape is as important as losing weight. The most important suggestions which help both to lose weight and stay in shape are in lifearea.net!
While some of us are looking for the ways to get rid of extra kilos before the summer holiday, some of us are thinking about how to stay in shape during the summer. In fact, both losing weight and staying in shape is about paying attention to the same key parts.

Start the day with oat

We know the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a breakfast every morning regularly is one of the most important steps to live healthily, maybe the biggest secret to start the day well and energetically… However, do you think that is all? Breakfast is the only source that energizes your body which has slept for 6-8 hours. You will have made your metabolism functioned by starting your day with a healthy breakfast containing mainly calcium and protein. You should have a breakfast containing an egg which is rich in protein, a milk which is rich in calcium and a cheese in order to both start ta day energetically and stay in shape. It is especially very important to eat oat for the breakfast because an oat which is rich in vitamin B illumines the mind and enhances the concentration. If you work, you should definitely add rolled oats or oat bread to your breakfast. A little tip for you: the earlier you have breakfast, the faster and earlier your metabolism starts to function. Don’t forget the fact that the ideal time for breakfast is between 07:00 and 09:00 am. Additionally, a breakfast had at the same time every day keeps you away from unhealthy and calorie-rich junk foods.

Do not skip the snacks

You should definitely add two snacks to your nutrition routine which consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The snack between breakfast and lunch and the other snack between lunch and dinner speed up the metabolism. When you go hungry for a long time, your blood sugar level decreases and it causes you to eat more than adequate in the main meals. Since snacks balance your blood sugar level, they make eat in an elegant sufficiency. As we all know, eating frequently but in small quantities is important to balance the insulin. Of course, you should be careful about what you eat. You can prefer especially dried or fresh fruits and dried nuts like hazelnut, walnut etc. by quantifying their portion. If you eat fresh fruit, make sure it is just one; if you eat dried fruit or nuts, make sure it is a handful. If you don’t want to eat anything on the snacks, you can drink a cup of white coffee. It both balance your blood sugar level and activate your metabolism.

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Calculate the calories

What is essential for losing weight or staying in shape is to calculate calories. You may think that it is not joyous to calculate calories of food you eat, but once you get accustomed to do it, you cannot stop it. It is because of the fact that you can regulate your meals by seeing the amount of calories that you get and you need to get daily and how this is comfy. If you continue your day by knowing the amount of calories you get and you need to get, you can take the control by calculating the 135 calories of olive oil in one tablespoon instead of oiling your salad with oliv oil randomly. The calorie amounts of the foods we consume daily is like that:

A slice of white bread: 70
A slice of whole-wheat bread: 60
100 grams of pasta: 369
100 grams of rice: 363
100 grams of cucumber: 15
100 grams of tomato: 35
100 grams of potato: 76
100 grams of veal: 150-223
100 grams of chicken: 186-215
100 milliliters of skimmed milk: 35
100 milliliters of semi-skimmed milk: 50
100 milliliters of whole-fat milk: 61
100 grams of yoghurt: 62
100 grams of chocolate: 528
100 grams of ice cream: 193

Add mint, lemon or cinnamon to your water

You should drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. Write this in capital and keep in view until it becomes a part of your daily routine. If you are one of the people who drink water only when they feel thirsty, remind yourself that this is not healthy. It is because of the fact that our body loses 1% of its water when we feel thirsty. However, we should drink water which is our life source before we lose it so that it can activate its role of burning fat addition to its other benefits. If you cannot get the habit of drinking plenty of water, you can try simple tastes that both refresh you and balance your blood sugar level. Add half lemon peel and mint to one liter of water and rest it for a while, then drink it with pleasure in a day. If you want different tastes, you can add apple and cinnamon to water instead of mint. Especially, cinnamon both balance your blood sugar level and suppress your desire for dessert.

Count your steps

World Health Organization recommends adults to take 10000 steps in a day for a healthy life. It is actually quite important to count the steps we take in a day except for doing exercise 2-3 times in a week. You can get a pedometer to make sure that you take 10000 steps in a day. Following your steps will increase your motivation for accomplishing your goal. Try to fulfil at least 45 minutes while taking a walk or doing exercise because a body starts to burn fats after half an hour.



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