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Ginger for Weight Loss


Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

Ginger tea used mostly to eliminate the nausea and it has been used for 2000 years in Asian countries especially in China in the treatment of diarrhea, help digestion and relieve bloating.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is thought to provide support for protection against cardiovascular disease with the effect of lowering cholesterol, also it is among the plants conventionally use to alleviate rheumatic pains.


Although no specific scientific studies are found in terms of slimming with ginger tea, there are opinions that the tea extends the duration of satiety.

When consumed in normal rates, ginger has no known side effect (especially ginger powder) but gas, reflux, nausea can be seen as side effect in over-consumption.

Effects of Ginger Tea on Slimming

There is no search results in the direction of ginger facilitate fat burning, and accelerate weight loss. But according to research published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2006 and held in Kuwait, ginger reduces appetite by lowering blood sugar and support the diets by extending the duration of satiety after meals. Of course this “one” study conducted on animals and you need to spend more calories than you take in order to lose weight. source: [1]

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Does Ginger Tea Weight Loss?

The ginger tea is among the most effective slimming teas. Ginger tea has effects such as both digestive regulator and metabolism accelerator.


1. Improves digestive function: While ginger tea helps to regulate the digestive function, at the same time it alleviates symptoms such as indigestion and constipation. Also it keeps the cholesterol levels under control. It is extremely effective in the elimination of the bulge. Especially tea made with fresh ginger promotes digestion.

2. Checks the cortisol levels: cortisol; prevents stress hormones and facilitates the burning of fat in the abdominal region. Ginger tea which has anti-stress properties helps to control the cortisol.

3. Increases energy levels: Tea prepared with fresh ginger increases the body’s energy levels. High energy levels helps to increase mental state. Also it accelerates calorie burning.

– You can drink 250 ml, i.e., one cup of ginger tea 15 minutes before the meals.

The list of foods that should be consumed with ginger tea:

Some foods can be consumed in abundance with ginger to assist in losing weight. These nutrients are:

– Whole wheat bread, preferably without sugar
– Almond
– Lemon juice
– Red pepper
– Garlic
– Chickpeas
– Fresh fruit
– Strawberry
– Avocado
– Honey
– It is not advised to be used especially together with tranquillizers and anti-depressants.
– At the same time it should not be used with blood-thinning drugs.
– This herbal tea can trigger the formation of gallstones.
– It should be noted that a maximum of 2 cups can be drunk.

Fat Burning Features

It has been discovered that ginger accelerate metabolism since it allow more fat burning in the body as a result of some researches.

How to Prepare Ginger Tea?

You can prepare ginger tea with ginger powder or fresh ginger root. If you use powdered ginger 1 teaspoon powder will be enough for one cup. For fresh ginger, put 1-2 slices peeled ginger into one cup of boiled water and let it wait for 15 minutes in low heat. If the taste of the tea is bitter, you can sweeten it with honey.

Natural Calming Effect

Some people do not enjoy the ginger due to its dominant taste and smell. But there are things you should know about this dominant taste and smell. For example this smell can be used for soothing and calming because it has the effect of aromatherapy. Researches show that effect of the ginger can be used in migraine attacks and controlling the migraine symptoms.

Warnings: Daily, 4 grams of ginger use is recommended for ginger tea. In case of exceeding this amount some side effects may occur. Conducted researches reveal that excessive consumption of ginger may cause problems such as heartburn and reflux.



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