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Health and Beauty Uses of Cardamom

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It stops hiccups

Cardamom is an antispasmodic, i.e. it is great for relieving and stopping muscle spasms within your body. This is why many people prefer cardamom as their go-to cure for their hiccups.


It relives cramps

If you have stomach aches that were caused by cramps, all you have to do is put a pinch of ground cardamom into a glass of tepid water and drink it. This should get rid of your stomach ache in no time.  The same can be done if you have stomach problems after you have just finished a heavy meal.

It restores your hair vitality

If you are suffering from dandruff, hair loss, or hair thinning, you can use cardamom tea to massage your scalp and get rid of these problems.  This will not only help you eliminate these problems but it will also preserve the strength and moisture of your hair.

It relieves asthma


Cardamom is an anti-inflammatory spice and as such it can be used for relief against chronic asthma attacks. It is also very beneficial for people with acute and chronic bronchitis.

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