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How to Increase Good Hormones in My Body?


Increasing the amount of ‘good’ hormones in our bodies can make us much healthier – both physically and mentally. Dr Cameron Schauer shows us how it’s done.

Hormones for Happiness

Science is starting to understand and explain what many cultures have known for centuries: that being generous, compassionate and kind to yourself and others triggers a flow of healthy hormones that impacts health and disease. Here is what we know so far…


What are Hormones?

These are groups of molecules that are produced by glands, under the control of the brain. They are released and transported around the body to regulate its function. Hormones bind to a specific receptor at a target site and cause the cell to change its function, which may either increase or decrease its activity. This complex signalling is controlled internally – if too much is made, the system will feed back on itself to stop production, keeping everything in check. Hormone specialists are called endocrinologists and work to enhance, suppress or balance hormones.

An increase in production of oxytocin and dopamine, the ‘happy hormones’, leads to better health outcomes.



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