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Medicinal Values of Cranberry Juice


The significance and various health benefits of Cranberry juice

The cranberry juice has medicinal properties. For individuals who are suffering from infections in the urinary tract, respiratory disorders, kidney stones, heart related issues the cranberry juice is the natural choice for them. The substance is rich in anti-oxidants, have salicylic acid, vitamin C. Regular intake of the juice provides the consumer, the requisite dose of protein, carbohydrates and energy.

The importance of cranberry-juice

The cranberry juice is particularly effective in treating infections of urinary tract, respiratory disorders, diseases of heart, some forms of cancers and kidney stones. The juice is also beneficial in preventing occurrence of stomach disorders, gum diseases, dental plaque and diabetes. Cranberries are rich in phyto-nutrients. These are natural compounds that are derived from the plants and they are present in cranberries and are known for its medicinal attributes.


Features of cranberries

The cranberries are a versatile fruit and are known for their medicinal values these have anti-oxidants when compared to other fruits, vegetables like the broccoli, spinach. Besides, having anti-oxidants, the cranberries have vitamin C, salicylic acid. It provides the consumer with the protein, carbohydrates. The cranberry-juice provides the consumer with energy.

In terms of mineral contents the juice in context has magnesium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, iron. The cranberries contain a number of vitamins. All the above constituents make it a healthy supplement and therefore increasingly popular among the consumers.

Health benefits of the juice

The different health benefits of the cranberry juice are as follows:
Studies reveal that regular intake of the juice prevents the occurrence of Urinary tract infections.
It has anti-tumor effects. The intake of the juice retards the spread of various types of tumors and cancers. The presence of high amounts of salicylic acids prevents blood clots, reduce swelling thereby eliminating tumors.

Other benefits of the cranberry-juice

The cranberry juice is very good for cardio vascular health.
It prevents tooth decay. It also prevents the tooth from various types of periodontal diseases.
It helps to avoid respiratory problems.
The cranberry-juice prevents cancers.
The juice cures cold, good for obesity, prevents lung inflammation. The substance has anti-aging benefits.




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