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Princess Delight Recipe


Services: 12-14
Prerp: 30mins
Cook: 5mins

6 cups of milk
20 tablespoons of semolina
10 tablespoons of sugar
1 packet of vanilin extract (10gr)
2 packets of whipped cream
5 tablespoons of cocoa
Coconut powder


A very delicious and luxuriant recipe, i prepared for my 60 students size class and they all liked it. I prefer this recipe instead of cookies.

To prepare your delight, put all ingredients except coconut powder and cocoa powder in a stewpot and switch on heater. Mix the mixture until it gets thicken. Switch the heater off and share out the mixture to two different pots equally. Add the cocoa powder, whipped cream and 1 tablespoon of water to one of the pots and mix. Add only whipped cream to the other pot and mix. When the mixture gets cool, moist your hands with water and make walnut size balls with the mixtures and roll in the coconut powder.

I prepared 62 balls, you can use half ingredients but the balls are very delicious and light. If you have kids at home i guarantee they will run out soon.




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