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Sideritis Scardica of Benefits and Harms


The Sideritis is a kind of plant from the highland plant species which can reach lengths of up to one meter. Leaves of the plant which is common in Europe and Asia is in light green color. The leaves of Sideritis Scardica (Mountain Tea) which is at the top of the soil is collected. Things that you should know about the benefits, preparation and harms of Sideritis.

Most Important Benefits of Sideritis Scardica

The consumption of Sideritis will increase the appetite in those who do not consume enough foods.


When the Sideritis is consumed regularly, it eliminates the indigestion problem.

It is quite useful for those who experience strength loss and fatigue. You can eliminate this problem with a regular use.
Sideritis is an important antioxidant which has germicidal properties.

It is very useful for the cleaning of the inflammation, at the same time it prevents the repeat of the inflammation with regular use.
It is a natural stomach medicine in those who experience stomach problems. It helps in the reduction of stomach pains and balancing stomach acid.

It has gas expectorant properties in those who have such problems.
The most important drug in those who have urinary tract infections is the person’s own urine. The Sideritis Scardica (Mountain Tea) relieves urinary tract infection by allowing you to pee too often by increasing the Sideritis consumption.

It is a natural drug against cold problem. Sideritis can be consumed with the medication of your doctor for cold. [1]


Sideritis Scardina tea 1

How to Prepare Sideritis Scardica Tea?

There are different types of use of Sideritis. These are;
You can consume the tea you will prepare by putting the dried Sideritis into the cup which is full with boiling water and right after you let it to brew for few minutes.

You can consume it like the tea you prepare in your everyday life. However the recommended consumption type is the by brewing as we noted at the beginning.

How to Use the Sideritis Scardica?

If you didn’t get help from an experts, the Sideritis is usually consumed for three times a day as morning, noon and evening.
It is always useful to consume the Sideritis on empty stomach. Consuming with other foods may reduce the effect of it. This plant which is consumed hot should be consumed slowly. Sideritis should be used as suggested and avoid from excessive consumption.

Never sweeten the Sideritis tea you prepare with sugar. If you cannot consume without sweetening it, you can solve this problem with honey.

You can consume the Sideritis plant with lemon as well. A few drops of lemon juice will provide a different aroma in your tea.

Where to Find the Siderites

It will be useful to collect the Sideritis with natural methods.
The Sideritis is a plant which is commonly encountered in mountains and plateaus.

Those who cannot visit mountains or plateaus can buy it from herbalists. You should be sure that the herbalist you will go to shopping sells real Sideritis and dry the fresh plants.

Sideritis Scardina 1

How to Identify the Siderites

The Sideritis has light green leaves and this is its outstanding feature.

It looks very similar to the sage however its leaves are much tougher than the sage.

Top parts of it usually has light green colors and has aromatic smell.

Harms of Siderites

It is very wrong to believe you can heal by only consuming Sideritis with hearsay information in very serious diseases and at the same time you may led to progress of your disease since you will not take measures.

In case of excessive consumption of herbal teas, the substances contained in the herbal tea can cause diseases with the excessive accumulation of them in the body.

In order to not become sick while you are trying to cure one, you should not consume Sideritis more than 3 times in a day. Also after the consumption of Sideritis for one week, giving a break for one week will be useful to prevent excessive consumption.



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