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Super Spice that Drives Cancerous Cell to Suicide: Thyme


Thyme is not just a spice that provides aroma and taste – it also drives cancer cells to suicide and protects your body against microbes and cell aging.

In our home, as a family tradition, thyme had been added on all lamb meat meals, chopped steak in particular. Well, not just lamb meat – grilled fish, salads with tomato, olive and cheese and salad sauces as well.
When babies had stomachache, thyme tea had been given or its oil had been applied onto the painful area. When fresh thyme was available, it was purchased and dried without waiting for long time.


Thyme is beyond being just a spice spread over meat meal or vegetables – it is a beneficial herb. With its volatile oil and thymol, rosmarinic acid, carvacrol, ursolic acid content, thyme behaves like a germicidal and strong antioxidant. It prevents the harm caused by free oxygen radicals and increases your body’s resistance against illnesses. It also slows down the aging process.

According to the results of scientific research conducted 10 years ago, carvacrol content of thyme slows down the development of tumors. It drives cancer cells to suicide and stops the development of cancer.
It is estimated that there are more than 300 types of thyme grown in different regions in different climate zones. In his book named as “Drugless Life (İlaçsız Yaşam), Dr. Ümit Aktaş states that the thyme types (thymus vulgaris) grown in Turkey contains carvacrol mainly.

According to a study about herbs that prevent fat storage in body tissue, thyme decreases fat storage by 20% just like other herbs like olive leaf, bay leaf and ginger.

If we try to sum up the benefits of thyme:
• It fights against cancer.
• It is germicidal, it is relieving in case of upper respiratory infections.
• It is an antioxidant, it prevents cell damage.




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