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This Oil is A Proven Cure for 25 Diseases, and No One Likes It


Castor oil is cheap, but unfortunately it is not as popular as it deserves.


This natural remedy has many positive effects on health, and its applications are limitless.

Holistic medicine has often recommended castor oil for treating diseases that are generally resistant to traditional therapies.

Dr. William McGray described in detail the success in treating a variety of ailments from castor oil:

  1. Allergies will disappear if you take five drops of castor oil each morning.
  2. Wounds, cuts and bruises are healing quickly when you smear them with castor oil.
  3. Rub the belly with castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy and you will prevent stretch marks.
  4. Injured wrist is healing rapidly if it is wrapped in a castor oil while you sleep overnight.
  5. Castor oil makes a significant reduction in hearing loss if you put drops in the ear.
  6. Cataract can cure with one drop of oil before bed every night.
  7. If you apply castor oil, pilonidal cysts will disappear.
  8. Brown spots can whiten with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.
  9. Serious ocular allergies can dissapear, if you rub castor oil in the eyelids before bedtime.
  10. The pain in the lower back will reduce if you apply a castor oil once a week.
  11. Castor oil cures chronic diarrhea if you apply it in the area of the abdomen.
  12. If you apply it daily on your neck for three months, the nodes on the vocal cords and chronic hoarseness will dissapear
  13. Tinnitus will disappear completely, if you orally take 6-8 drops of castor oil daily for four weeks.
  14. Hyperactivity can be treated by applying a castor oil on the abdomen.
  15. Warts will disappear after four weeks of lubrication with castor oil.
  16. Calcium deposits on the sole will disappear with a daily massage with cast or oil.
  17. The disappearance of skin cancer may happen after an application of castor oil and baking soda.
  18. Snoring stops after two weeks of applying a castor oil on the abdomen.
  19. Bee stings are healing faster after application of castor oil.
  20. Hair growth can be boosted with a twenty minutes of daily massage with a castor oil before shampooing.
  21. There is rapid healing of hepatitis when using castor oil.
  22. Nail fungus can be eliminated with a daily application on the sore parts.
  23. Coating your whole body with castor oil will help you in the battle with alcoholism.
  24. Regular external application of oil will remove stretch marks on your body.
  25. It was noted an improvement in health in the terminal phase of cancer when using a castor oil.




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