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Tone Your Trouble Spots Moves: Toned Arms


TV presenter lorraine Kelly, 57, reveals why dance aerobics have given her a body shape she can finally be proud of…

Fresh from filming her live TV show and a 5am start, Lorraine Kelly positively trots into our photo shoot. Fitter than she’s ever been and looking fab, Lorraine is a confident size 10 and her trim figure is all thanks to twice weekly dance aerobics classes with her instructor, and now friend, Maxine Jones. The pair are releasing their second workout DVD, Lorraine: Brand New You, for their army of fans…


‘My new shape gives me confidence’

‘I’ve been doing Maxine’s class for three years now,’ says Lorraine, ‘and it’s the only exercise I’ve ever kept up. When I used to train for marathons, I’d train hard, do the marathon then stop. The weight would come straight back on. I didn’t enjoy running so I never kept it up. Sustaining my weight loss is new for me – but I don’t want to lose more weight. It’s all about maintenance now. I’m a size 10-12, probably nearer a 10, and I’m happy with how I look – that’s not something I ever thought I’d say three years off my 60th birthday!

‘When I first started the class I was a size 16, but squeezing myself into size 14s – and I mean really squeezing!’ she laughs. Lorraine credits her weight loss to Maxine’s ‘full on’ classes. ‘She’s a force of nature,’ says Lorraine of her friend, who’s exactly 10 years her junior. The classes, and the new DVD, work on ‘the areas we all worry about,’ says Lorraine. Think bums and thighs, stomach and bingo wings.

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‘I always wore a wee cardi to cover up’

‘My arms were such an area of concern to me,’ admits Lorraine. ‘Before starting the classes, I wouldn’t have shown them to the world. If you’d said to me three years ago I’d be sitting on my show in little summer dresses showing my arms off, I’d have laughed out loud! I always wore a wee cardi to cover up! I didn’t show my arms in my twenties, thirties or forties but here I am doing it in my fifties – that makes me proud.’

Lorraine reveals that one aspect of her job she doesn’t enjoy are the red carpet events. ‘I run down the carpet as fast as I can!’ But her new shape – toned arms, a waist and pert bottom – has ‘made a big difference’ and she finds such events far less of an ordeal. ‘I’m not a look-at-me, showing-off type of person, but feeling better about myself has given me an inner confidence. It’s lovely not to worry about my shape now and to be able to buy clothes I really want instead of just covering up.’


When she’s not shimmying and ‘sucking it in’ (Maxine’s favourite phrase for what her class should do with their stomachs) Lorraine stays active by walking. ‘I do at least an hour a day. I wear an activity tracker so I track my steps and make sure I hit 10,000 a day. If I don’t, I walk round my living room at the end of the day to get my steps up!’

Lorraine also performs one element of her dance aerobics class in her living room. ‘We use a resistance band in some routines and I use that at home – and on holiday, I just pack it in my case! I do it twice through to oops Upside your Head. The bands really work your arms, but you’re holding in your stomach as well. My core is so strong now.’

At weekends, it’s back to walking with her husband, Steve. ‘We go yomping up hills where we live in Perthshire.’

‘The class keeps me mentally fit’

It’s clear Lorraine works hard to stay healthy and she says Maxine’s class works her mind too. ‘I have to use my brain to remember the steps – it’s mental fitness! It’s also a great stress buster because as soon as I start the class all I think about is the music and the moves.’ Both women hit milestone birthdays in three years’ time. At 50, Maxine hopes to still be teaching and, at 60, Lorraine hopes to still be learning. ‘We have women in the class from teenage to 70,’ says Lorraine, ‘so I’ve got no excuse!’

Just as Lorraine gets ready to smile in front of the camera, work resistance bands with her pal and have a giggle, she whispers: ‘And I’d never say never to running another marathon for my 60th birthday, too!’ Watch this space…

Maxine’s Tone Your Trouble Spots Moves

Bingo Wings Blitz – Good for TONED ARMS

Stand with feet wide apart in a static squat to work glutes. Clench fists to power up your arms. Lift arms above head with palms facing forwards, one hand in front of the other, elbows slightly bent. Bring back down to sides, pulling them back as you do so. Next, bring arms up to shoulder height, pointing forward but held out as wide as your knees.

Hold position. Finish by lifting arms up, either side of your ears, elbows bent – like a traditional strong woman pose!

Maxi Twist – Good for A TRIM WAIST

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Clench your fists to engage the arms and bring them up to shoulder height (as if about to box). Using your arms for momentum, twist at your waist from side to side, keeping knees bent. Keep on the balls of your feet so you can twist easily.

Maxi Squat – Good for A FIRM BUM

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly, arms in front of you, palms together with elbows bent.

Stick your bottom out and sit down in a squat as far as you can go.

Maxi Lunge – Good for LEAN LEGS

Start with one foot infront of the other andengage your arms byyour side, with clenchedfists. Lunge so the calf ofyour back leg is parallelto the floor, bendingyour arms up towardsyour chest. Repeat 10times, then swap legs.

Maxine says…
‘When you do our new DVD at home, I want you to give me lots of dirty looks because that means you’re working hard! The

Bingo Wing Blaster section, which has toned Lorraine’s arms, is tough – really tough! Our new feature is my Dance Floor Ready Masterclass. If you’re worried about not getting the steps, this is for you.

The four sections of the DVD work the areas we all worry about – Max Out Cardio, Jelly Belly Blitz, Bingo Wing Blaster and Legs And Co. There’s also a resistance band section – weight training without the weights!

If you just go through the motions to an easy workout, you won’t see results, so you have to push yourself hard. I want to get you dancing hard – and disguising the exercise element! Women come to life on a dance floor and that’s what I want you to do.’



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