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Turbocharge Diet – Lose 7lb in 7 days


Our nice and spicy weight loss plan is packed with flavour and will help you shape up fast…



Eating plenty of lean protein and fibre-loaded fruit and veg will ramp up a sluggish digestion that’s impeding weight loss. Add in spicy chilli, ginger and cinnamon, and the thermogenic effect they have on the body will help speed up the burn by up to 200 calories extra each day. Our plan will boost your metabolism, blitz fat and warm you up as it slims you down.

Turbocharge Your Diet Plan

Start the day with a glass of warm water spiked with fresh lemon and ginger slices and aim to drink at least 2 litres of fluid each day. It can be water, herbal or fruit tea – add ½tsp honey if you need to.


– Burn-it-up breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled, with 1tsp paprika, 2 mushrooms, chopped and grilled, and 2 cherry tomatoes, grilled.

– Lose more at lunch: 1 small carton spicy parsnip soup with 2 Ryvita Thins.

– Nice and spicy supper: turkey chilli, made with 30g lean turkey mince, 1 small can chopped tomatoes, 1tsp garlic purée, 1tsp chilli flakes, 2tbsp red kidney beans. Serve with 3tbsp (cooked) brown rice and a small green side salad.




– Burn-it-up breakfast: Combine 1 chopped banana (frozen or room temperature) with 1 tub low-fat yogurt, handful blueberries and 1tsp grated ginger.

– Lose more at lunch: wholemeal pitta filled with shredded lettuce, tomato and red onion slices, plus 1tsp sweet chilli sauce.

– Nice and spicy supper: in a wok, cook 30g lean chicken, diced, small onion, chopped, 1 large green pepper, deseeded and chopped, 1 small can chopped tomatoes and 1tsp each garlic purée and medium curry powder. Serve with 3tbsp (cooked) brown rice.


– Burn-it-up breakfast: omelette, using 2 eggs, handful spinach, 1tsp hot pepper sauce. Serve with 1 glass unsweetened orange juice.

– Lose more at lunch: combine 3 sliced cooked chicken breasts with shredded lettuce, cucumber and tomato slices, 3 chopped spring onions and ½tsp chilli flakes and load into 1 small wholemeal pitta.

– Nice and spicy supper: 1 tuna steak brushed with 1tsp red pesto, pan-fried for 5-7 mins. Serve with bag rocket and 1tsp hot salsa.



– Burn-it-up breakfast: bowl of cinnamon-spiced porridge with blueberries.

– Lose more at lunch: 2 Ryvita Thins spread with 1 peppered mackerel.

– Nice and spicy supper: spicy shrimp skewers – thread 6-8 king prawns on two skewers with red and green pepper chunks and cherry tomatoes, halved. Drizzle with 1tsp olive oil and hot pepper sauce and grill for 3-5 mins until cooked.

Serve with 3tbsp (cooked) couscous and a small green salad.


– Burn-it-up breakfast: bowl unsweetened granola with 1tbsp Greek yogurt, handful blueberries and 1tsp grated ginger.

– Lose more at lunch: sandwich made with 2 slices rye bread, 2tbsp tuna in brine (drained) mixed with 1tsp each mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

– Nice and spicy supper: 1 medium steak fillet served with 3tbsp sweet potato mash and 2tsp hot salsa.



– Burn-it-up breakfast: 1 slice wholemeal toast spread with 1tbsp peanut or almond butter. 1 glass unsweetened orange juice.

– Lose more at lunch: watercress and orange salad drizzled with dressing made with 1tbsp olive oil and 1tsp lemon juice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

– Nice and spicy supper: combine 3tbsp (cooked) brown penne pasta, 2tsp stir-in tomato sauce and 5 slices spicy sausage.


– Burn-it-up breakfast: 1 poached egg, 2 slices lean bacon, 2tbsp spicy baked beans.

– Lose more at lunch: 1 wholemeal roll filled with 3 slices chicken tikka, shredded lettuce and pepper slices.

– Nice and spicy supper: bake 1 cod fillet with 1 large can chopped tomatoes with herbs, 1 green pepper, chopped, and 1tsp chilli flakes for 15-20 mins. Serve with 3tbsp (cooked) brown rice and green salad.


– 2 cubes Cheddar cheese with 3 spicy olives
– 1 pear
– 3 sticks celery with 2tbsp red pepper dip
– 1 banana
– 1 small tub natural yogurt with handful berries
– 1 small bag spicy veggie crisps
– Green pepper and carrot slices with 2tbsp hot salsa dip

That’s clever!

UK celebrity trainer Jon Denoris (jondenoris.com) gets his clients to plunge their feet in a bowl of iced water for 15 minutes first thing to trigger fat-burning – the body has to work to get the temperature back to normal.



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