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Walnut Water for Weight Loss


Have You Tried to Lose Weight with Walnut Juice?

Weight Loss with Walnut Water

We have a miraculous recipe for you readers who want to lose weight healthy and fast by using herbal weight loss methods: Walnut Water! You will be happy by noticing you lost more weight in each day with this magical mixture that is prepared with two materials.

We were thrilled when we heard the comments of those who drank and lost weight with walnut juice and wanted to share this awesome recipe with you. The benefits experienced by people from different age groups are as follows:


– My bloating and gas problems solved.
– I began to melt belly and lose weight.
– Every week I got positive results in weight.
– My cholesterol levels returned to normal.
– I started to go big toilet regularly.
– I lost weight without starving by feeling full for long times.
– I beat my sweet cravings and appetite.
– I saw my thyroid values returned to normal.
– I have witnessed melt of my fats in my legs.
– I get rid of fatigue, and irritability.

As you can see drinking walnut water is very useful for overall body health but not just weight loss. In fact this miraculous changes that people experience was accepted by the scientific authorities. For instance, US Department of Health (FDA) officially accepted that omega 3 oils in walnut is useful for both weight loss and brain system.

How to prepare walnut water?

Protein essence in walnuts are among the benefits of them which speed the fat burning. By extending the period of satiety, it allows you to lose weight without starving. Keeping walnut in the water allow its essence to pass to water and get more benefit from it. The result? You will experience the healthy and fast weight loss. If you ask how to prepare the walnut water, this is very simple.

This walnut juice we prepared is quite easy and delicious.

Walnut water



1 whole walnut (hard outer shell peeled)

1 cup of water at room temperature


To let the pass the minerals in walnut, the walnut water will be prepared at night and should wait until morning and then must be drank in the morning on empty stomach. Things you should do is very simple: Add 1 whole walnut into 1 cup of water and wait until morning.

Drink the walnut water with three sips on empty stomach by sitting when you wake up in the morning. Eat the walnut. Have a breakfast that is appropriate for your diet as always.

You can prepare the walnut juice which is suitable for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol patients until you have the desired weight.

What about learning the features of walnut water which makes it miraculous? Here is the benefits of walnuts:

1 – It speed fat burning with its protein content.
2 – It protects the nervous system with omega 3 oils.
3 – When eaten between meals it keeps full and let you lose weight.
4 – Balance hormones and strengthen the liver.
5 – It cleanses the body with its detox effect.
6 – It relieves constipation with unsaturated fat content.
7 – It allows muscle formation in athletes.
8 – It is useful for hair and nail health.
9 – It moisten skin and protects against aging.
10 – It protects against atherosclerosis.
11 – It protects against cancer and cures.

How to eat the walnut?

Walnut is very useful food but it has high calorie value. No matter what the source will be during diet, each calorie you will take will be stored as fat in the body. Therefore, do not eat a handful of walnuts by considering the walnuts are very useful. 800 Calorie Diet List Program

You should eat at most 4 walnuts in a day, this is enough for your health and sufficient for the diet. For example, you can drink a cup of milk with cinnamon and eat 2 whole walnuts in snacks between 16.00 – 17.00. This will allow fat burning as well as lose weight without starving.



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