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Your Blood Type Reveals A Lot About Your Health


Your Blood Type Reveals A Lot About Your Health


There are four groups of blood type: OA, B and AB, also there are two Rh factors, positive and negative that we inherit from our parents.

Recent study on the significance of blood groups and health has been scientifically undervalued for way too long because of the malicious Nazi scientist Dr. Otto Rehe who stated that the group A is typical for Aryans, while people that have the blood type B are subservient to Aryans.

Lot of studies show correlation of certain blood types with specific diseases, but also the assets each group has.

Blood Type A (fertile, but tend to drink)

People with this blood type have a higher risk of stomach cancer development. The number of eggs- cells of women from this group is slightly decreased with time, so they are probably able to get pregnant in older age.


Nonetheless, women with this blood type have higher chances for stomach cancer, particularly if they smoke and if they drink alcoholic beverages often. There are certain connections between blood type A and propensity to alcoholism, but also to OCDs.



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